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Event Details

Schedule of the Day — Monday, October 8

The headquarters for Belmont Serves will be the St. Joseph Parish Hall on 130 Common Street, at the corner of Common Street and School Street.

All events begin and end at St. Joseph Parish Hall, 130 Common Street, Belmont
8:00 am Light breakfast for all volunteers
8:15 am Projects and team leaders assigned
8:45 am Service projects begin
12:00 noon Service projects end
12:30 pm Pizza and ice cream celebration at St. Joseph Parish Hall
1:00 pm Belmont Serves concludes

Project Descriptions

The door-to-door food collection for the Belmont Food Pantry involves walking in groups through designated neighborhoods, collecting grocery bags filled with donations to the food pantry, and delivering these to the Belmont Food Pantry.

Over 8,500 paper bags for donations have already been distributed by volunteers to each household in advance. On Belmont Serves day, groups will do pick-up and delivery to the Food Pantry. Every group will be assigned a specific route and have a leader, who will be responsible for keeping track of all group members.

While collecting groceries, we will also be collecting children's winter coats, hats, mittens, gloves and snowsuits. These will be donated to Cradles to Crayons, an organization that has been supported by many of our faith groups in the past. Donated clothing should be "gently used". Children's winter clothing donations can be left on the doorstep along with the groceries.

At Burbank School, the project will focus improving the grounds: weeding the front of the school, raking, clean-up, and preparing the organic garden for winter by turning over the soil and covering with a tarp. The Burbank project is being organized by the Burbank School's Landscape Committee and Green Team.

The conservation projects will be held at both the Rock Meadow and McLean conservation areas. Additional projects are planned for the Claypit Pond area. These projects involve clearing areas, clean-up of trash, pruning branches and bushes, raking, and filling some holes. When you are working in these areas, you may encounter poison ivy. So bring work gloves, long sleeves and long pants.

New this year is a landscaping project at the high school.

Another group will do fence painting at one of the Grove Street playground. Wear OLD CLOTHES, and expect to get some aluminum paint on you.

The gardening groups, led by members of the Garden Club, will be tending to a variety of public spaces, including:

  • the Library
  • the green space in front of Belmont Savings

In most cases the work is weeding and deadheading. But at the Belmont Savings Bank it will entail planting crocus bulbs as well. Participants should wear work clothes, gardening gloves and bring gardening tools.

A quilting project to benefit those in need will be held again this year. The quilts will be fleece baby blankets that can be tied without frames. Some previous experience with quilting is recommended. More details will be available on Belmont Serves day.

For Operation American Soldier, we will be making home-made cards to send to our service members stationed overseas. People can participate at the start or end of the day, and still work on another project. Last year, some enjoyed this activity so much they spent the entire morning creating dozens of wonderful greeting cards.

The Senior Match program, in cooperation with the Belmont Council on Aging, provides a way for volunteers to assist seniors throughout the year.

What to Wear / What to Bring

WHAT TO WEAR: Clothing suitable for outdoor activities. Wear long pants and long-sleeve shirts, with jackets and/or sweatshirts if it gets cold. On the conservation and planting/weeding projects, expect to get dirty and possibly encounter poison ivy. On the painting projects, there is a very good chance you will get paint on your clothes.

PLEASE WEAR GREEN OR BLUE: As we work on projects throughout the town, it would be nice to be recognized as a team. If you can, we are requesting that you wear either green or blue. But remember to wear older work clothes (whatever the color), particularly if you are painting.

WHAT TO BRING: A refillable water bottle (we will provide refills of fresh water, but we will NOT provide plastic water bottles). Work gloves (for all outdoor work projects).

We need a few metal rakes, pruning shears, loppers (including those with extendable arms, for cutting off high branches), shovels and gardening trowels. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PUT YOUR NAME ON ANY TOOLS THAT YOU BRING.

YOUNG CHILDREN: Children of all ages are welcome to attend. Food pantry collection and conservation projects are great choices for parents with younger children. Some projects, like painting, are not.

If your young child gets tired or bored after a while, take a break (or go home), and then return to St. Joseph's hall at 12:30 for pizza and ice cream. The idea is to learn about service and have some fun, so join the celebration!

Conservation Projects - additional details

Lone Tree Hill, Belmont Conservation Land (formerly the McLean Open Space)

These projects this year will all be accessible from the new parking lot at 251 Mill Street. Please park in the lot (we hope the sign will be installed by then), not along the road.

We're very family friendly, and welcome folks of all ages and abilities, children with accompanying adult.

The list of projects:

  • Pick up trash — new parking lot at 251 Mill Street
  • Cut back invasives and undergrowth around the trees in the Great Meadow that our mower cannot reach
  • Trample our new trail from the parking lot at 251 Mill Street to the Kiosk near the pedestrian crosswalk and all along the edge of the Great Meadow. Lots of moving feet will help establish the trail.

Please bring:

  • gardening gloves
  • cutting tools such as loper, hand pruners
  • blue tarps to drag the bags to the appointed pick-up locations (if you have them available)
  • wheelbarrow, again to carry bags to the appointed pick-up locations (if you have one available)

The project leaders will provide:

  • yard waste bags
  • trash bags
  • flagging for the trails and sites

Rock Meadow, Belmont Conservation Land

Meet at the parking lot down the hill from Mill Street where there is a Rock Meadow sign.

We welcome folks of all ages and abilities, children with accompanying adult.

The list of projects:

  • Cut back invasives, small shrubs, and undergrowth around the driveway, parking area, and some places the mower can't reach
  • Spruce up the area of plantings around Rock Meadow sign
  • Clear invasives and weeds along some trails and at old barn foundation
  • Pick up trash — mostly around parking lot

Please bring or wear:

  • gardening gloves
  • long pants. There is some poison ivy, but it can be avoided if you can recognize it
  • we should have cutting tools such as loper, hand pruners, but more are welcome
  • a water bottle

The project leaders will provide trash bags.

Claypit Pond projects

These projects will take place around Claypit Pond, next to Belmont High School

  • Pick up trash in park and along the shore of Claypit Pond (all ages)
  • Rake and pick up tree debris from Concord Ave. side of Pond (especially in Hennessey bench area), and move to stone bridge area
  • Cut bittersweet or to prune large shrubs (experienced adults only)
  • weed and trim the Ruth Ippen Garden (all ages)

Projects will start at Concord Avenue near the stone bridge at BHS exit driveway.

Bring water, gloves, and rakes, if available.

Trash bags provided.

Sign up today!

Use the on-line registration form to register and select your preferred project.

"Once again, the Belmont Religious Council should be commended for another successful Belmont Serves day. Hundreds of Belmontians came together on Oct. 11, to lend a hand tending to things in their community that sometimes fall by the wayside. What a way to spend Columbus Day.

Here's hoping the event continues to catch on in future years with even more members of the community offering a few hours of service to improve their town."

Belmont Citizen-Herald editorial, October 14, 2010

How to donate to the Belmont Food Pantry on Belmont Serves Day

During the first week of October, teams of volunteers will be distributing grocery bags door-to-door with instructions. Just fill up your bag with non-perishable items (canned goods, paper items, toiletries), and leave it on your doorstep Monday morning, October 8, before 9:00 am.

If you would like to help distribute grocery bags before Belmont Serves day, you can volunteer when you register on-line.

We are also collecting children's winter clothing

When you leave the bag of groceries on your door step, you can also donate any "gently used" children's winter coats, hats, mittens, gloves and snowsuits. These will be distributed to children in the greater Boston area through the Cradles to Crayons program.